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Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings

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My name is Steven, owner of the company.  I have been in business for 17 years providing customers with durable, attractive spray on bedliners (expertly applied) & refreshing customer service.  As owner/operator I not only oversee daily operations but I also mask, spray and answer the phones.  I am also a truck enthusiast who "truly cares" about your complete satisfaction.  

Whether your interested in a Rhino Lining, New Hampshire Oil Undercoating, Boss Wax Undercoating or our lineup of tonneau covers and step bars, you have discovered the very best installation factility!

We are located just 2 miles south of the Bourne Bridge heading towards Falmouth.  

You will be impressed with your new Rhino Lining, New Hampshire Oil Undercoating or the truck accessories of your choice!

Rhino Linings

Our Rhino Linings prevent dents, scratches and carry a lifetime warranty while looking great!   The Rhino Liner accomplishes this by providing a thick, durable coating bonded to the painted surface.  They also provide a non-slip surface to prevent your cargo from sliding around as you drive.  Our Rhino Linings are sprayed-on using a high pressure machine (2,500 psi) that heats the chemical (160 degrees) to ensure an attractive fine grain texture without any runs or drips.