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Proud to offer:

New Hampshire Oil Undercoating

The Official Oil-Based Rust Prevention System

It’s not just an undercoating. It’s a commitment…

NHOU Undercoating
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New Hampshire Oil Undercoating (NHOU) is a powerful, all natural, oil based, rustproofing agent with active rust inhibitors.  When applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle it provides an affordable and highly effective rust prevention solution.  NHOU is more powerful at preventing rust than the harmful effects of Oxygen, Water & Salt are at creating it!


Rust is caused by a process called oxidation, in which iron reacts with water and oxygen to form hydrated iron (III) oxide. Essentially, the metal is naturally returning to its unrefined state.  Salt greatly accellerates this harmful process of creating rust.  

NHOU prevents oxidation by blocking oxygen and water from ever reaching the steel of your vehicle.  NHOU is also packed with active rust inhibitors to help neatralize existing rust!

NHOU lubicates moving parts, wicks into hard to reach areas and most importantly "seasons" the metal of your car to make your vehicle naturally resistant against rust formation.

How NHOU works:

  • We spend approximately 1.5 hours applying the product which includes a dry cleaning to the undercarriage using compressed air and metal spades to remove dirt, scale and peeling coatings.

  • We coat your entire undercarriage including the frame, suspension, interior door and rocker panels, under the hood, cab corners, wheel wells, spare tire, front & rear bumpers, cross members, ect...  We avoid the engine, transmission, electrical and exhaust.

  • The product remains a "fluid like" gel, penetrating deeply into the nooks and crannies by wicking up to 6" from its original sprayed location.  

  • Active rust inhibitors fight existing rust & preventing new rust from forming.

  • Available in both black and clear.  Typically we spray a hybrid of the colors to maximize effectiveness and aesthetics.

  • Its recommended to re-apply our NHOU Original formula annually to keep the rust inhibitors fresh and the product at a proper thickness. 

undercoating creeping
Rustoration 2.png

  Does your vehicle have more widespread rust and scale?  Our Rustoration process has helped save many vehicles by performing an intensive "correction" prior to applying our NH Oil Undercoating.  This 3 day proceedure involves a day of removing heavy rust & scale with a combination of a powerful "needle scaler" gun, metal spades and compressed air.  

  At the end of day 1 we have mechanicaly removed the scale and heavy rust from your vehicles undercarriage.  On day 2 we deploy multiple coats of our powerful acid "rust converter" to scientificlly change remaining surface rust to "iron tannite", a hard, black, stable element.  We then protect this rust correction with a soothing, thick, coat of our effective NH Oil Undercoating to prevent rust from returning again.  

  The Rustoration proceedure is a fantastic option to save an otherwise great running vehicle, from the destruction of advanced rust.  

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