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Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings

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My name is Steven, owner of the company.  I have been in business for 19 years providing customers with durable, attractive spray on bedliners (expertly applied) & refreshing customer service.  As owner/operator I not only oversee daily operations but I also mask, spray and answer the phones.  I am also a truck enthusiast who "truly cares" about your complete satisfaction.  

Whether your interested in a Rhino Lining, New Hampshire Oil Undercoating, Boss Wax Undercoating or our lineup of tonneau covers and step bars, you have discovered the very best installation factility!

We are located just 2 miles south of the Bourne Bridge heading towards Falmouth.  

You will be impressed with your new Rhino Lining, New Hampshire Oil Undercoating or the truck accessories of your choice!

Rhino Linings

Our Rhino Linings prevent dents, scratches and carry a lifetime warranty while looking great!   The Rhino Liner accomplishes this by providing a thick, durable coating bonded to the painted surface.  They also provide a non-slip surface to prevent your cargo from sliding around as you drive.  Our Rhino Linings are sprayed-on using a high pressure machine (2,500 psi) that heats the chemical (160 degrees) to ensure an attractive fine grain texture without any runs or drips.  

  Many people ask me what's the differance between Rhino Linings and competitors like Line-X or Bullet Liner.  To answer that question you first need to know that these national companies offer different grades of chemical to suit the needs of their regional customers.  

  We use Rhino Hybrid Polyurea 1:1(commercial strength) as our house chemical as Cape Cod has many tradesmen that use their truck beds frequently.  Hybrid Polyurea answers this need by providing the modern benefits of 80% polyurea (high strengh) with 20% polyurethane for grippy texture without being abrasive.  Hybrid Polyurea also offers superior bonding to the painted surface so you don't have to worry about it ever peeling.  

  Our attention to detail is absolutely incredible, ensuring discriminating customers the very best spray on bedliner available.  The photos below are of our quality work from my location in Bourne, MA  

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Rhino Linings Truck Bed
Rhino Linings Utility Bed
Rhino Linings Jeep Wrangler
Rhino Linings Enclosed Trailer
New Hampshire Oil Undercoating of Cape Cod
NH Oil Undercoating

  New Hampshire Oil Undercoating(NHOU) is a powerful rustproofing agent designed to prevent undercarriage rust caused by winter salts or living by the sea.  By forming a penetrating film that oxygen & moisture cannot penetrate, pre-existing rust is neutralized and future rust cannot form.  This self healing, all natural, oil based coating with active rust inhibitors "seasons" the metal of the undercarriage and body panels, extending the life cycle of your vehicle substantially.


  NHOU provides frame, suspension and body panel rust protection that is effective on both new & used vehicles.  For new vehicles, it prevents most rust from ever forming and for used vehicles (with pre-existing rust) nothing is more effecting at neutralizing it.

It's more powerful at stopping rust than oxygen, water & salt are at creating it!


  The process takes approximately 1 hour(while you wait), at which time we dry clean and prep your undercarriage to accept the NHOU.  We apply this product using high pressure equipment to ensure all nooks and crannies are covered, including internal frame and body panels.  Protect your investment with this affordable and effective undercoating!

New Hampshire Oil Undercoating
  • NH Boss Wax $1,400 (new vehicles)
        Want a long lasting undercoating that dries solid?  We offer to you our "Boss Wax" & NHOU combination, this service is available to new vehicles only.  We spray your undercarriage with our durable Boss Wax formula as well as internal body panels with our NHOU Original.  Feel comfortable with our nationwide lifetime transferable warranty!

  • NH Boss Wax & Acid $1,600 (slightly used vehicles)
       Desire a long lasting undercoating that dries solid for a slightly used vehicle?  We offer to you our "Boss Wax" & Acid/NHOU combination, this is a fantastic option for vehicles typically less than 4 years old.   We start with a detailed cleaning using acetone and microfiber towels to your undercarriage, then we apply 2 coats of acid rust converter to chemically kill the existing rust, then we spray your undercarriage with our durable Boss Wax formula as well as internal body panels with our NHOU Original

  • NHOU Original starts at $325 (most popular)
        Thickened "Jelly-Like" virgin oil with active rust inhibitors.  This potent undercoating formula
     seasons the metal & wicks up to 6" to all the nooks and crannies of your undercarriage.  Neutralizes existing light surface rust and prevents future rust from forming.
      Can be applied to both new & used vehicles.

  • Heavy Duty $100 (add-on to NHOU Original)
        Includes our Heavy Duty formula hand applied to the bottom of the frame, skid plates and wheel wells to provide long lasting protection in those high wear areas.

  • Rustoration $1,400 (Recommended for a moderate to severe rusted undercarriage)

          3 day rust correction & protection work involving a needle scaler to remove heavy rust/scale, 2 coats of acid rust converter to convert rust into Iron Tannite (hard, black, stable element), then top coat with our NHOU.  

New Hampshire Oil Undercoating Before


New Hampshire Oil Undercoating After


How New Hampshire Oil Undercoating works:

  • We spend approximately 1.5 hours applying the product which includes a dry cleaning to the undercarriage using compressed air and metal spades to remove dirt, scale and peeling coatings.

  • We coat your entire undercarriage including the frame, suspension, interior door and rocker panels, under the hood, cab corners, wheel wells, spare tire, front & rear bumpers, cross members, ect...  We avoid the engine, transmission & electrical.

  • The product remains a "fluid like" gel, penetrating deeply into the nooks and crannies by wicking up to 6" from its original sprayed location.  

  • Active rust inhibitors fight existing rust & preventing new rust from forming.

  • Available in both black and clear.  Typically we spray a hybrid of the colors to maximize effectiveness and aesthetics.

  • Its recommended to re-apply our NHOU Original formula annually to keep the rust inhibitors fresh and the product at a proper thickness. 

undercoating creeping
Rustoration 2.png

  Does your vehicle have more widespread rust and scale?  Our Rustoration process has helped save many vehicles by performing an intensive "correction" prior to applying our NH Oil Undercoating.  This 3 day proceedure involves a day of removing heavy rust & scale with a combination of a powerful "needle scaler" gun, metal spades and compressed air.  

  At the end of day 1 we have mechanicaly removed the scale and heavy rust from your vehicles undercarriage.  On day 2 we deploy multiple coats of our powerful acid "rust converter" to scientificlly change remaining surface rust to "iron tannite", a hard, black, stable element.  We then protect this rust correction with a soothing, thick, coat of our effective NH Oil Undercoating to prevent rust from returning again.  

  The Rustoration proceedure is a fantastic option to save an otherwise great running vehicle, from the destruction of advanced rust.  

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