About Us

  My name is Steven, owner of the company.  I have been in business for 17 years providing customers with durable, attractive spray on bedliners & refreshing customer service.  As a owner/operator I not only oversee daily operations but I also mask, spray and answer the phones.  

  I am also a truck enthusiast who truly cares about your complete satisfaction.  Whether your interested in a Rhino Liner or having a New Hampshire Oil Undercoating applied, you have discovered the very best installation factility!

We are located just 2 miles south of the Bourne Bridge heading towards beautiful Falmouth.  

You will be impressed with your new Rhino Lining &/or NH Undercoating!

The Rhino Liner...

  Rhino Linings are a sprayed on plastic coating that will protect your truck bed from damage while looking great!  The Rhino Liner accomplishes this by providing a thick, durable barrior bonded to the painted surface.  Rhino Linings prevent rust, dents, scratches and corrosion.  They also provide a non-slip surface to keep your cargo from sliding around as you drive.  

  Our Rhino Linings are sprayed-on using a high pressure machine (2,500 psi) that heats the chemical (160 degrees) to ensure an attractive fine grain texture without any runs or drips.  We use Rhino Hybrid Polyurea 1:1 as our house chemical.

Our attention to detail is absolutely incredible, ensuring discriminating customers the very best spray on bedliner available.

Rhino Lining Enclosed Trailer
Rhino Lining Utility Truck

  New Hampshire Oil Undercoating (NHOU) is a powerful metal conditioner that penetrates the metal of your vehicle, preventing rust while lubricating moving parts.  This in turn "seasons" the undercarriage and body panels, extending the life cycle of your vehicle substantially .


  This premium undercarriage and body panel rust protection is highly effective against rust and corrosion.  No wonder its called "The Good Stuff"!


  The process takes 1.5 hours, at which time we dry clean and prep your undercarriage to accept the NHOU.  We apply this rustproofing agent using high pressure equipment to ensure all nooks and crannies are covered.  Protect your investment with this affordable and effective undercoating!

  • NHOU Original starts at $275
    Thickened "Jelly-Like" Oil, active rust inhibitors, seasons the metal & wicks up to 6" (most popular)

  • Wheel Well Guard starts at $50 
    ​Thick Viscosity "Grease", very durable & active rust inhibitors.  Hand applied to Wheel Well areas to provide long lasting protection in high wear areas.

  • NHOU HD (late availability) starts at $425
    Thick Viscosity "Grease", very durable & active rust inhibitors.  Recommeneded for commercial applications, high mileage vehicles.

  Both NHOU Original and HD can be applied while you wait on our comfy couch while enjoying WIFI.  Original takes 1.5 hours and HD 2 hours to apply.

Before NHOU Undercoating




NH Oil Undercoating
NH Undercoating

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