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Hello Rhino Linings & NH Oil Undercoating Customer

* Please call or email me to set up an appointment.  You may drop off your truck at 8:00 am through our key slot on our garage door for a "contact-less" option or 8:30 am in person.  We will begin work at 8:30 am and finish you job before 3:30 pm the same day.  I will contact you once the job is complete and you're welcome to pay for the services over the phone with a credit card (contact-less) or in person when you pick up.


* Please wear a mask when visiting us.


* If waiting for your service is desired, we do have a waiting area available for you.    


And now for the good news!  For a limited time

we are offering a special discount!

 ($35.00) off a Rhino Lining (pay with cash)
($20.00) off a Rhino Liner (pay with credit or check)
$20.00) off a New Hampshire Oil Undercoating (pay with cash)

($10.00) off a New Hampshire Oil Undercoating (pay with credit or check)

**Valid until July 31st 2020 

**Cannot be combined with other discounts

**Price discount is off of our advertised prices listed on this website.
**Print this webpage and bring with you for the discount .

Steve 508-759-9008


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